Cruising Class & PHRF Racing

The Seawanhaka Cruising Class is double blessed in that we can enjoy the beauty of Seawanhaka at anchor in and around Oyster Bay as well as share in the camaraderie of cruising to more distant points. As the largest single unstructured fleet of boats at the Club, our activities can be as simple or involved as we would like them to be.


PHRF Racing Schedule
5/11 Alfred Roosevelt Regatta
5/25 Outlaw Trophy (Race to American Yacht Club)
6/28-8/16 Summer Solstice Series (Friday nights)
6/29 Dooley Roosevelt Regatta
7/6-7/7 Annual Rendezvous
8/31 Stratford Shoal Race
9/2 Fall Regatta
9/22 Cayenne Trophy
2019 Eastern Cruise
July 20 - 29, 2019