Fleet Racing

Beginning Sunday, June 7th, through October 4th, all members are encouraged to join for Fleet Racing.
If you have any interest in crewing or helming a boat on Sundays, don’t be shy. Weekly Skipper's meeting at 1430 at the Main Clubhouse Porch. All levels are welcome.

Notice of Race
Sailing Instructions

Marianne Nash, Chair
Fleet Racing App
Receive weekly updates, sign up info and calendar of events via the new Fleet Racing Smartphone App at http://www.teamreach.com/

See below for Instructions
Find and Install "TeamReach" via the Apple AppStore or Android.
Our group is ‘Seawanhaka Sonar Fleet 24’
Enter code: ‘Sonar24’ to join. 

The calendar is updated in real time and is used to sign up for each race date.