Winter Sailing

During the winter months, racing takes place almost every Sunday followed by Salty Dog lunch and after sail camaraderie by the fire at the Junior Club. Races are run from ‘The Peppermint Lounge’, a permanent winter RC float. Racers are assisted by a pair of expertly manned crash boats who are Johnny-on-the-spot in any unplanned occurrences.
Our fleet members range from just starting out to national champs. We have sailors who help out and teach rigging, sailing techniques and coaching. We host seminars on the racing rules, tactics and other subjects to help raise the level of all our members. 

2018-19 Winter Sailing
2018-19 Results
Season Championship: 1st-Geoffrey Loffredo, 2nd-John McGrane, 3rd-Wyz Mooney
Fall Season: 1st-Geoffrey Loffredo, 2nd-Wyz Mooney, 3rd-John McGrane
Winter Season: 1st-Geoffrey Loffredo, 2nd-Bob Blanco, 3rd-Wyz Mooney
Spring Season: 1st-Geoffrey Loffredo, 2nd-John McGrane, 3rd-Wyz Mooney

Woody Glenn Sportsmanship Award: John McGrane
Royal Order of the Bath Award: Bob Terry
Broken Boat Award: Bryan Aweh
Defender of the Rights of the Port Tacker Award: Bob Blanco
Hell or High Water: David Kruse
Perseverence Award: Shaun Keating
Turkey Trot: 1st-Gabe Hannon, 2nd-Geoffrey Loffredo-3rd John McGrane
2018-19 Committee
David Kruse, Chair (
Ed Berenblum
Eric Johnson
Sophie DeLaCour
Bob Terry

Series Racing
Every Sunday, November 4 - March 31, 2019
First Gun at 1300.
District 8 Laser Regatta - Saturday, April 6, 2019
If interested in participating, contact to sign-up.