SCJYC Full-Year Membership Program

Junior sailors competing in National or International regattas under the age of 18 may become "Full-Year SCJYC Members" for an annual membership fee of $150. Current SCJYC summer program participants enrolled for six (6) or more weeks shall automatically be considered "Full-Year SCJYC Members" without any additional dues necessary. Full-Year SCJYC Members represent the Club in sailing regattas and are entitled to the rights and subject to the responsibilities set forth below:

Full-Year SCJYC Membership will run from October to October each year. Membership will be determined each year in August and September when a member of SCYC (“the Proposer”) recommends a candidate for "Full-Year SCJYC Membership" to the SCYC Junior Activities Chair who will second the nomination (“the Seconder”) if he/she believes the candidate meets the general qualifications to represent SCJYC. At a minimum, candidates are expected to be active in competitive sailing, display ethical behavior and be committed to the mission statement of SCYC. A candidate should be well-known to a Proposer. If a candidate is not well-known to the Seconder, the Proposer’s recommendation should be in writing and include a brief sailing resume. Provided that the Junior Activities Chair is willing to act as Seconder, he/she will then submit a list of candidates for "Full-Year SCJYC Membership" to the Chair of the SCYC Membership Committee for review. Upon the approval of the SCYC Membership Committee Chair, the list will be submitted to the SCYC Board of Trustees for final approval. Ideally, this list should be completed and approved in time for consideration at the September Board of Trustees meeting each year.

Full-Year SCJYC Membership will entitle a sailor to represent SCJYC at national and international regattas during the entire term of the membership. Full-Year SCJYC Members may not represent SCJYC in JSA of LIS Regattas unless they are also enrolled in the SCJYC Summer Program at the time of the regatta. Full-Year SCJYC Members are allowed to utilize the docks and grounds of the West Yard area of SCYC for scheduled practices and events during the term of the membership except during the approximately 8 weeks of the SCJYC Summer Program, unless the sailor is also enrolled in the SCJYC Summer Program. 

Full-Year SCJYC Members are subject to all current and future club rules and regulations, including the SCJYC Code of Conduct, adopted by the SCYC Junior Activities Chair and/or the SCYC Board of Trustees. Parents of Full-Year SCJYC Members are still restricted to SCYC guest parking areas. Full-Year SCJYC Members may store their boats on assigned slots in race team trailers without charge or can store their boats in designated areas of the West Yard for the regular bi-annual fee assessed by the Boatyard. All boats stored in the West Yard by Full-Year SCJYC Members must be labeled with a current SCYC Boatyard identification sticker. Full- Year SCJYC Members will have a charge account set up in their name and they or their family members are allowed to utilize dining and bar services, when available, at the SCJYC Junior Clubhouse during scheduled practices and events. Use of the Senior Clubhouse is not permitted under this membership, except as a guest of a regular SCYC member or those individuals who are members in good standing of a club which maintains a regular reciprocal arrangement with SCYC.

Junior sailors competing in national or international regattas under the age of 18 who do not have a residence, whether or not it is their primary residence, within 50 miles of the Clubhouse and who use the Club less than 14 days a year may become "Non -Resident Full-Year SCJYC Members" for an annual membership fee of $50. The process to join and all other aspects of this membership shall be the same as a regular Full-Year SCJYC Member.