Boatyard Rates

Labor Rates
Genearl Labor: $90.00 per hour
Skilled/Journeyman Labor: $106.00 per hour
Unscheduled/Weekend Labor: $125.00 per hour
Varnish Maintenance Program: $68.00 per hour
Electronics Specialist: $140.00 per hour

All subcontractors must be approved by Boatyard Management to work on vessels in the Boatyard or in the mooring field. Subcontractors must provide an acceptable Certificate of Insurance to the Boatyard before work commencement. Any contractor working on the premises without approval or insurance will be asked to cease all activity until approval is secured. A 20% surcharge covering overhead costs will be added onto the subcontractor's bill and billed to the customer.
Short Hauls
Vessels less than 20 tons-pressure wash included
Sailboats: $11.55 per foot
Powerboats: $9.10 per foot
Includes hauling of vessels and pressure wash, blocking and use of Boatyard's jack stands, and launch. Charges based upon vessel's overall length. Pricing for the winter season will be available in July. Owners interested in the static storage should contact the Boatyard for pricing.

Seasonal Yacht Storage

Summer Season (May 1 - October 31)
Winter Season (November 1 - April 30)

One-Design/Smaller Boats on Trailers: $24.15 per foot/season
Powerboats & Larger Sailboats: $35.50 per foot/season
Dinghy Storage on Float at Service Dock: $55 per month or fraction thereof
Dinghy Storage: Inside Shed, Reserved Slip: $80.30 per season
Dinghy Storage on Boat Field: $41.80 per season
Box Trailer Storage: $415.80 per season
Boat Trailer Storage (empty): $134.20 per season
Outboard Engine Storage: $71.50 per season
Mast Storage: $3.58 per mast foot/season
Battery Storage (store & charge): Large: $71.50 per season, Small: $35.20 per season
Custom Frame & Cover: $137.50 per season
Sail Locker Rental (not clubhouse): $170.00 per season

Waterfront Services

Harbor Services
Launch Service to and from Moorings: All Vessels-$733.00 per season
Season Mooring Rental
Rental and maintenance of mooring and ball includes replacement bridles or pennants.

Rate Per Pound
$3.05 per pound, mooring weight determind by Boatyard
One-Design Rates
Dry Sail-Store in Field/Use of Crane: $642.00 per season
Mooring/Harbor Service/Store In Field/Use of Crane: $980 per season

If an assigned mooring is vacant, it will be rented to visitors. An owner may lend a mooring free of charge for up to three nights, after which, mooring rental fees will be applied.

Any members' boat that is in the mooring area for more than 14 days between June 1 and September 15 is subject to a full season mooring and harbor service charge. Members' boats that are in the mooring areas for more than 14 days at other times of the year will be charged a prorated mooring and harbor service charge.
Short-Term Mooring Rental Rates (per night)
45 ft. or less: $15.15, Greater than 45 ft.: $30.30
45 ft. or less: $65.00, Greater than 45 ft.: $100.00
Launch Towing
Vessels up to 40 ft.: $30.00 minimum
Vessels 40-70 ft.: $60.00 minimum