As of 4/20/20, boat-owners are permitted access to the Boatyard premises on weekends for the purpose of working and/or visiting their boats. Boat-owners are reminded to observe the following safety related procedures when at the boatyard: 

1. Use of gloves and masks;
2. Social distancing of at least 6 feet and avoiding contact with others;
3. Use of disinfectants for areas on boats worked on by vessel owner;
4. Use of disinfectant wipes by the boat-owner and any others working on a vessel; and
5. There will be no Club or boatyard bathroom facilities available at any time to members, boat-owners and their guests.

Please review and carefully familiarize yourself with the Safety Protocols and Procedures for the Boatyard; Service Dock Area; Main Clubhouse; Junior Clubhouse; Launch Service; and Fuel Dock.

Click here to review Safety Protocols and Procedures